The 8th China International Conference on Electricity Distribution

CICED2018 Call for Papers

Important Dates:

1 May 2018     Deadline of abstract submission
15 June 2018     Notification of acceptance
15 July 2018     Deadline of full paper submission
15 August 2018     Notification of acceptance

Download: Abstract template-CICED2018.doc

Download: Full paper template-CICED2018.docx

The papers should be related to the planning, design, construction, operation, management, regulation and customer service of future distribution grids and distributed generation including its connection to the network. Smart equipment designers and manufacturers are welcome to submit papers on their work in supporting smarter distribution grids.

Contributions are welcome concerning these 6 topics:
Session 1
Network Components and Asset Management
Session 2
Power Quality and Power Supply Reliability
Session 3
Operation, Control, Protection and Communication
Session 4
Distributed and Complementary Energy Resources
Session 5
Distribution Network Planning and Development
Session 6
Intelligent Use of Electricity and Electricity Markets

Requirements of Abstract
The abstract must be submitted in English. It should clearly express the main technical ideas with title, subject, major ideas, data and conclusion etc. Meanwhile, the author’s contact information (name, company, telephone, fax number, e-mail and mail address) should also be indicated. Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of 2 A4 pages (including diagrams and illustrations) by 1 March 2018. The template for the abstract can be found on the official website of the conference. Authors from China can submit a copy in Chinese at the same time for reference ONLY while submitting the English abstract.

Requirements of Full Paper
Authors should submit full paper in English after being informed the acceptance of abstract. The paper selection is mainly based on the English format. Figures, charts, diagrams and pictures are welcomed in the paper to help clearly express your achievements. The whole paper should not exceed 5 A4 pages in most cases. At the end of a full paper, a brief introduction to the main author should be contained. Please submit your full paper by 1 June 2018.

How to Submit your paper
Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of 2 A4 pages (including diagrams and illustrations) by March 1st,2018.
Authors receiving notice on acceptance of abstract will be invited to submit a full paper of 4~5 pages by June 1st, 2018.

Important Dates

1 May 2018

Deadline of abstract submission

15 June 2018

Notification of acceptance

15 July 2018

Deadline of full paper submission

15 August 2018

Notification of acceptance

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